It’s taken just over 3 years and 7 published books but I finally feel comfortable describing myself as a writer or an author when people ask me what I do for a living. Not that it’s a question that often comes up these days.

Recently I have taken the slightly scary steps into the world of writing novels; as thrilling a journey it has been to write non-fiction and biographies (a journey I intend to continue), I have always had the ambition to be an author of stories and in late 2015 that dream was realised when my first novel, ‘Coal House’, was published by Rudling House.

However, taking those steps means that I have had to make a somewhat bolder move in a regularly updated website (it’s one of the most regularly suggested tips for any author); with a new year, I thought it was the best time.

Speaking of Coal House, the book is on special offer today for a few days on Amazon – you can get it for just 99p on Kindle.

I spent 2015 working on a number of projects, a couple I can’t yet name but a few I’m allowed to! After a successful meeting in Hollywood in November 2014 I had the surreal honour and tremendous privilege of working with the actor Charles Baker (who is familiar to millions of course for his performances in Breaking Bad, The Blacklist and Wild). I’m so excited for this book to come out – the good thing about being a ghost writer is that you can tell when a story is good and you’re able to pass on that opinion without it sounding boastful.   I don’t think it’s giving anything away to say that I think it will satisfy fans of celebrity memoirs, Breaking Bad, and stories of triumph after and through adversity; I’m convinced that in years to come young actors will use Charles’ incredible story as a point of reference and inspiration.

Also in 2015 I had the wonderful honour of writing the autobiography of Gordon Jago, MBE. Gordon is of course famous for his incredible work at QPR and Millwall in English Football but his influence and story in American soccer is one of the most fascinating for anyone with any iota of interest in the history of the game both in the US and the UK. The working title for his book is ‘Pioneer’ and those aware of his story will undoubtedly agree how apt it is. It is a departure from the Manchester United books I have earned generous praise for but the story, to me at least, is every bit as compelling, and I have great hopes for it once it is released.

Both of those books will hopefully be out this year, and I have my fingers almost permanently crossed about my first ‘trilogy’ of fiction novels too – though I don’t wish to write too much about the status with those until a more appropriate time.

I intend to use this website to give updates about my work or share some of my experiences for my friends and family to see or people who may have enjoyed or have an interest in my writing.

Thank you for reading and have a happy new year!

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