Pre-Order Peach Here

My novel “Peach” is released soon and it is available for an limited period pre-order now. The launch event for the novel is November 13th, at the Last Bookstore in LA. The book can be ordered by those who will be able to attend the … Continue readingPre-Order Peach Here


…or is it, or am I, really?  Before I begin this update I wanted to just post a note about the recent lack of ‘Various Artists’ podcasts release. There are two more recorded and ready to roll but I have been going through a bumpy … Continue readingMisunderstood


I’m nostalgic, almost to a fault, almost to the point I could be accused of dwelling. I’m nostalgic for things that were before I was even born. So Timehop is pretty handy, especially at this particular point in my life. This time last year was … Continue readingSubconscious