Song To Song

Over the weekend I watched ‘Song to Song’, a move directed by Terence Malick, the acclaimed and visionary film-maker. Working with so many different artistic people really gives you an opportunity to broaden your horizons. I say that as a person still relatively sheltered, but, … Continue readingSong To Song

Little Update

Just a quick update as it’s been a while and there are some things I should mention! On Saturday 1st July it was my pleasure to attend a book club meeting at Samantha’s Coffee and Gift Shop where we talked about my book Mablethorpe (the … Continue readingLittle Update

#WorldBookDay Giveaway

To celebrate #WorldBookDay on Thursday, March 2nd, I’m running a giveaway for three of my books. I will be giving away three packages as follows :- x 2 – *Copy of Coal House and Mablethorpe, selection of chocolates from Hotel Chocolat and Starbucks voucher *Copy … Continue reading#WorldBookDay Giveaway