Authorised Jimmy Murphy Biography In Development

I’ve been excited to share news about this particular project for a while.

Over the last three years I’ve been compiling interviews with various esteemed individuals, and doing other bits and pieces of research about what I consider to be one of the most important stories in Manchester United – and English football – history.

Today I can share that I’ve been working on the biography of Jimmy Murphy, which has been officially authorised and assisted by the Murphy family.

I researched and considered a number of strains to this question – what exactly ‘is’ the Manchester United way? In my opinion it is clear that no matter which element of the club you study and deem to be popular, almost all bear the hallmark of Jimmy Murphy more than any other individual. He did not merely influence the culture and identity of the club. He created it.

The book will be dedicated to Jimmy’s late wife Winnie and the Murphy family and a percentage of the proceeds will be going to charity.

I can’t wait to share more information about this. It’s an absolute privilege and honour to be able to write this book and I just hope that it finally helps get him the recognition he deserves.

4 comments on “Authorised Jimmy Murphy Biography In Development”

  1. One of Wales’ greatest sons, whose contribution to United’s ethos and success still goes largely unrecognised.
    I hope the book goes some way in rectifying this, and of course letting people know the story of a great football man.

  2. I’m sure it’s going to be a great tribute to a great football man, his courage and knowledge of the game gave United a platform to rebuild after the tragedy, a passionate man and sometimes forgotten by the modern day United, but not by me, good luck Wayne, looking forward to reading it.

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