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  1. Long overdue, but I finally got round to reading 74/75. I thoroughly recommend it to any one of a certain age, those who were teenagers in that period. The final chapter covers the “What Could Have Been”, that is if The Doc had remined at the helm after the 77 Cup Win. We will never know, but I share the view of many fans that we would have been serious challengers for the Title and more Cup trophies. We all remember the euphoria of the FA Cup win, but I was at the Charity Shield a little over two months later. United had significantly more fans than Liverpool (I was in the Liverpool end), but it lacked the usual excitement and noise our fans normally generated then. A new era, we now had Sexton and Liverpool had acquired Daglish. I’m convinced that if The Doc had had lead out the team we would have won the game. More importantly he would have attracted a couple of additional international level players who would make United the biggest challengers to Liverpool for the 1st Division title and the European Cup. Once United gained momentum, it would be extremely difficult for anyone to stop The Doc, the Team or the Red Army – “what could have been” indeed.

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