‘…could be the next Broadchurch…’ BBC Radio Lincs

‘What I love about the book is that it makes you join in on the blame game too; he did it, she did it, which I feel this is largely down to the strong yet subtle character development, which starts on page one… The ending makes you think after the last page has been turned…’ QuirksAndQueries

‘A superbly written thriller, the plot is well thought out and captivating.’ TheQuietKnitter

One comment on “Mablethorpe”

  1. Dear Wayne, Thank you very much for giving up your time to visit with Our Book Club & Holding a book signing. As you know Your Novel ‘Mablethorpe’ has been the latest Title in our reading list. With a 21 strong membership at book club , your Novel has a very positive overall review. This has lead to your Debut Novel Coal house now being added to our reading list.

    Good luck with your future Projects, which we will be looking out for as you now have a fan base which will happily follow your work.

    Samantha’s BookClub.

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