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  1. i have the largest private Manchester United collection some of which can be viewed on my flickr page.
    I have items relating to Jimmy Murphy which have never been seen such as a hand written condolence card from Jimmy to the bereaved family of a player.Also a personal invitation to the Charlton Brothers being given the Freedom of Ashington
    Let me know if i can help

  2. I am looking at the real possibility of writing a book although I have never wrote one. It is Jimmy Headrige story football’s forgotten Medical man. The are strong Man Utd links to this highly rated and held in high regard.
    He started out at Middlesbrough as an assistant trainer in the 60s going on to be the youngest head trainer in the FL. Going on to serve in the Arab Emirates he then went on to Bolton Wanderers credited for saving Peter Reid’s career. Of which Peter paid tribute on receiving the 1985 PFA POTY. When Ron Atkinson got the United job he was given permission to bring his own staff in Jim Headrige was top of his list having turned him down a couple of times when WBA Manager. Sadly the tragedy unfolded when only four weeks in to the job and just three days before the 1981/82 season Jim collapsed at The Cliff whilst out working with injured players. The night before Ron had taken the staff and the wives out for a meal to get to know everyone. Atkinson described him the best in the business. He trained many upcoming physio’s including Alan Smith who went on to serve England. I would welcome an opportunity to discuss in more detail. I am in contact with his family who was primary school age of the tragedy my number is XXXXXXXXXX

  3. Dear Wayne, I’m in the a Sydney suburb called Lilyfield an inner west location. I’ve tried several local Australian bookstores. Amazon etc
    and unable to get a hard copy of your new
    book ‘King Eric’ are there distribution issues in Australia- can I purchase from you directly?

  4. Recently bought/ read, your biography of Jimmy Murphy,
    ( The man who kept the red flag flying)
    It sort of answered a question for me, in the last 1960s
    happen past Jimmy, in street ( Park Drive, Whalley Range, Manchester )
    I lived there at time, now know Jimmy, lived in the area.
    Recall how smartly dressed he looked.
    Sorry if I appear boringly nostalgic.
    Peace to all.

  5. Here is a puzzle I need help with. It’s 1989 I am playing u16 football with Clarkston Amateurs, we go to Great Yarmouth to play in the Canary Cup. (Massive youth football tournament originally organised by Norwich) . One of the games we played was against a shit hot outfit called Newton Heath or something like that we found out later was some sort of Man Utd development team. Don’t remember that much other than they were soooo good and outclassed us. They were short games but I do remember towards the end of the game they brought on a sub who was short, possibly a bit younger, blonde and unbelievably good. I thought I better try to remember his name because clearly he is going to going pro. This occurred during the Easter holidays and a couple of weeks later David Beckam signs for Alex Ferguson and Man Utd. Have I played against Beckham? Do you know ? How can I find out?

  6. WAYNE, Your books are excellant, l have most of them, but l would like to have them signed .just to make them special, please send me an address to send them to, all postage paid, and a promise not to pass the information on, Billy .

  7. Loved Too Good to Go Down. I was 17/18 that season and stood every other week on the left side of the Stratford End. You wrote that we lost 14 games by 1-0 that season but you don’t mention something else about how close we were to staying up and it makes me doubt my own memory – it’s a long time ago now. Brian Kidd scored just 2 goals in 21 games but my memory is that he also hit the woodwork 11 times in those games. Shocking bad luck. Is there any way that can be checked? I’d love to know for sure.

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