Happy Halloween! Look For The Big Giveaway

I love Halloween! It’s pretty much known in my family as my ‘second birthday’; I love the colours of autumn and how everything just has this air of magic; even if it’s spooky, for a day to just have an atmosphere based on tradition is pretty spectacular.

I’m also a huge fan of the Halloween movie series and I have made no secret whenever I’ve been asked about my books Coal House and Mablethorpe that they are somewhat inspired by the chilling atmosphere in those John Carpenter films (and The Fog).

Halloween is as good a day as any to share that I have been in tentative and promising talks about Coal House potentially being developed into a movie. I had a meeting with an executive producer and have further meetings with him, a screenwriter and maybe a director too.

On the subject of Halloween, and Coal House, over on Twitter there is a giveaway for one paperback copy of Coal House, to be announced at 9pm tonight (a bit of a homage to Halloween 3’s Silver Shamrock Big Giveaway)!

So get on over to Twitter and find out how to enter!

Also, Amazon are holding a Kindle sale for Mablethorpe – it’s currently 99p, so get a copy while you can!

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