…slowly moving. I find that I’ve probably written enough times on this website alone about  what I’ve found to be one of the greatest problems of being a writer.

It’s a very conflicting existence. Sometimes there’s a lot happening, and sometimes it seems like nothing is. The quieter days can be days when you have even written something like 6,000 words, or even, an incredibly meaningful 500 words which you have been struggling to articulate for so long but suddenly managed to find the words. Sometimes you don’t feel you’ve been productive, even on days like that, if you don’t have a good email or phone call from someone else to show for it. You know, vindication! Progress!

It becomes somewhat difficult to then enjoy the creation process. Because without that vindication, does it feel like we’re wasting time? Times like that I have to step back, or maybe even try something new, to make it feel fresh. That’s good advice I have taken.

Some things have been happening. Moving. Sometimes not enough that I feel it’s worth sharing just yet, sometimes it’s not enough of a good thing that I feel it’s worth ‘declaring’ (case in point – I was featured in an double page spread interview for ‘Professional Player Magazine’ about my career as a ghost writer, probably the greatest professional acknowledgement I’ve had yet, and aside from sharing it on my personal Facebook, I felt a little too… something, to share it – clearly I’ve got work to do on being my most effective salesperson), other things, well, some things are so good that I just want to keep hold of that excitement just for me for a little while.

So, first things first. Coal House has just finished its second promotional run and climbed as high as the top 20 in the Amazon charts – so thank you to everyone who helped and read and bought.

The draft for Mablethorpe is complete and with the publisher. We have been pleasantly surprised by the reception and interest – BBC Radio Lincolnshire interviewed me briefly on their breakfast show this past Tuesday (you can still listen to it for most of April by clicking here – I’m on from approximately 2:55:00) and we have subsequently been approached to have a signing event in the town on launch. We intend to support local causes of the town when we do this, and as soon as anything is certain, I will in turn be certain to share it.

In the meantime, you can pre-order the book here.

I am excited by the anticipation about the story and I just hope it lives up to what people hope it will be. I’m similarly excited by a manuscript I’ve written, ‘Peach’, if any piece of work is ‘my baby’ then this is it. There have been a few revisions of it, and it’s now being read by a wider scope of people, and so I’m hopeful that they are enthusiastic as the first couple of people who I trusted to share it with. There is a lot going on with this ‘behind the scenes’, it is bringing me that bit of something different which I am so excited about. But as it is at embryonic stages, I can’t share just yet. If you wish to read Peach, please give me a shout, because everyone that does is getting a thank you in the book when it’s finally out there.


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