A few weeks ago I was contacted by Martin Buchan, former captain of Manchester United, asking me if I had contact details for his former team-mate David McCreery. As it turned out, I did. “You won’t believe me, but it’s the club asking!” he told … Continue reading1977


It has been a busy week or two. I’ve written so much about my story ‘Peach’ on this website that it will be no surprise to anyone who keeps up with my news, that it’s my ‘baby’. I’ve also written about it so much that … Continue readingCUT


I’ve noticed there’s a recent trend in people making resolutions at this time of year as much for the purpose of looking back and seeing what they did as they seem for the intention of fulfilling that resolution. It’s a curious thing, because it then … Continue readingSaudade


I don’t know if it’s the same for all writers, but when I am writing fiction, I sometimes find myself pleasantly surprised when, in the process of developing characters, they deviate away from the planned script as their personality blossoms. I experienced this in my … Continue readingThemes