Peach Release Date And Launch Event Confirmed

Around three years ago, I finished the first draft of “Peach”, a story that had been in my head for around ten years.

Today I’m able to finally share the release date with you – Peach is officially published on January 15, 2019.

There is a launch party for the book at the Last Bookstore in Los Angeles on Tuesday, November 13th. Tickets are available here; if you are in LA, I’d love for you to come along.

I’m honoured beyond words to have the book launched in one of the most incredible locations in the world.

The release date (which was suggested by the publisher and distributor completely unknowing of the following) is extra special to me for a couple of reasons and has a certain serendipity; it is the date of my late granddad’s birthday. The lead protagonist in PEACH is named Freddie Ward, after my granddad!

Release information will follow, Amazon links and the like, over the next few weeks. All of the advance reviews have been amazing.

There have been three reviews of the book recently sourced that I will leave you with :

“From the first pages of Peach, I was hooked. An immensely personal novel that thrums with the beat of an emotional rock ballad, Barton has captured that singular experience of love lost and woven it into a soul-wrenching story of growing older and truly understanding what we mean when we reflect on home. A spectacular debut from a unique writer who has a knack for absorbing his surroundings, in darkness and in light, whomever and wherever they may be.” — Michael A. Ferro, author of TITLE 13: A Novel

“A perfect, delicate balance between sweet and sour; saccharine and gritty. Barton’s characters live and breathe on the page, populating a world and story that will leave you captivated as you traverse through a myriad of emotions that will remind you of both the similarities—and differences—of our shared humanity. A fantastic read.” — R.J. Fox, author, Love & Vodka

“In Peach, Wayne Barton conducts raw notes of human nature and desire into a beautiful melody that mesmerizes at every turn.” Frank Morelli, author, No Sad Songs

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