Pre-Order Peach Here

My novel “Peach” is released soon and it is available for an limited period pre-order now.

The launch event for the novel is November 13th, at the Last Bookstore in LA.

The book can be ordered by those who will be able to attend the event and even those who can not. If you order the book through this link, it will also serve as your ticket to the launch event.

Every order guarantees :

*A copy of Peach, hand-signed by the author and Charles Baker, who has recorded and performed the official soundtrack (which will be received before the actual publication date!)

*A download code for a sample of the soundtrack

If you are unable to attend the event I will be able to arrange postage but you do need to order the book through this link. This option is available to everyone reading. Once you order you will need to contact me to inform me of the booking details and to let me know where to send the book.



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    1. Hi Sara! Go through the link – order “pre buy” book. Leave a message on this website with your email and order information and I will contact to arrange delivery.

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