It’s been a busy week with meetings and advancements in some projects.

The first thing is to address all of the amazing feedback I’ve had since announcing that I am working on the biography of Jimmy Murphy.

I knew that putting the news out there would get a good reaction because there is just no denying that this is a book that should be written. I am of the opinion that it is the most important story in Manchester United history that has yet to be properly told (there are some incredible stories out there, that’s not to say there isn’t) and I just hope that I can do it justice.

I have been so touched by the personal messages I’ve had in support of my writing it. And I must say that considering the number of people who have already come forward to offer their assistance (and the identity of those people), I certainly can count on some incredible resources to be as thorough as I can be. It’s a book I’m truly honoured to write.

A few quick thanks – Jim Murphy Jr (although he won’t read this!), Paul Murphy, and Dan Burdett. Their support as the news of the book has gone public has been so appreciated (in Dan’s case, from the conception of the idea, as usual!), as has that of all who have offered support. Thanks!

In other news, and while I’m on the subject of support, I can’t believe it’s eight days until the launch of my second fiction book, Mablethorpe. Which means at some point next week I’ll be getting my hands on the book and seeing it for the first time. That bookshelf is growing!

If you need a reminder (if you’re reading this, you probably don’t), the launch is 2nd July at the Coastal Centre at 11am. Already I’ve been absolutely overwhelmed by the number of friends and family who are making the trip to be there, some who are travelling over one hundred miles! I’m humbled and honoured and love you all. Now, as I told Karen at my publishers at Rudling House, I just hope people like the story!

If you can’t make the signing and you want a copy of Mablethorpe, it’s still on an advance sale price of £5.99 direct from the publisher.

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