It’s been a few weeks since my last post. A few bits have been happening, small pieces of progress on various projects, but not enough to base an entire post around. There are in particular a few ideas about my manuscript for ‘Peach’, a story I’m very attached to. But I’m currently at a point where I need to ask for assistance from people I respect very much, and am a little too frightened to do so! Once I get over that, well, who knows. I should – really – already have.

With that in mind (the general nothingness, being that) I decided to set up a Facebook author page – so if there’s something little that is worth talking about, but not worth posting about on my site, I will do it there.

You can visit the page by clicking this link.

My first novel Coal House is on another Amazon sale. It did amazing at the start of the year, getting into the top 10 best-sellers, if it gets anywhere near that I’ll be happy!

Get your Kindle copy for only 99p here.

The picture accompanying this post was sent by my good friend Dave Murphy, who lives in California, and is spreading the good word by reading my books out there! It’s always ace to see anyone talking about or reading my books and so those kind of things generally make my day.

My book ‘You Can’t Win Anything With Kids’ is published on April 18th and I am so looking forward to receiving the copies of it through the post.

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