Welcome to my website – I am an author, ghostwriter and producer. My career has seen me travel throughout the UK as well as across North America including Ohio, Georgia, Florida and extended projects in Dallas, Texas and Hollywood, California.

I have worked with renowned Hollywood actors and world famous musicians as well as English Premier League legends. I have also written fiction novels.

I was described as ‘the leading writer on Manchester United’ by the Independent in 2015, and in 2020, the former owner Martin Edwards described me as ‘the pre-eminent writer’ on the club.

In 2018 I worked with BT Sport to produce and write the film ‘Too Good To Go Down’, and wrote the book of the same name.

As a writer, my style is honest, uncontroversial, dedicated and completely confidential. I offer a customised, bespoke service – I have worked in home studies, family homes, my own home, even the beaches on the Gulf of Mexico, and sky-scraping Hollywood offices.

I have expertise in dealing with the publication process and I will assist you throughout the entire process and beyond. My main purpose in all of my ghostwritten works is conveying a story that my clients are proud of. I go into every agreement with the intention of establishing a trustworthy friendship that extends beyond and further past our working relationship.

I am immensely proud of the work I have done and the friendships I have built and developed as a result of it I consider to be the major benefit of the career I have enjoyed to date.

I welcome proposals and offers for work and representation in the US and the UK. Please contact me via this website for further information and to enquire about the rights of my existing works, or about potential collaborations.

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  1. Hi, I’m a journalist based at BBC Radio Lincolnshire and I’d like to speak to you about your book about Mablethorpe – could you please call 01522 875141 today…

  2. Hi I was wondering if the podcast was done or if there are any more eps incoming really enjoyed the ones I’ve listened to so far thanks

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