Jimmy Murphy Biography Nominated For Polish Foreign Sports Book Of The Year Award

I am immensely proud to share that the translated biography of Jimmy Murphy has been nominated for the Sports Book of the Year award in Poland in the foreign books category.

From the website :


The Sports Book of the Year (available at www.sportowaksiazkaroku.pl) is both a website that deals with the Polish market of sport literature in a comprehensive manner and organizes the first in Poland and one of the few European plebiscites in which the best sports books are awarded in a given country.

The basis for the vote is the vote of experts, in which the editors of Sportowa Roku with invited experts (industry representatives, journalists, bloggers) will select the best sports books of 2018 in six categories: football, biographies / autobiographies, historical books, mountain books, children’s books and guides. Additionally, on the plebiscyt.sportowaksiazkaroku.pl website, readers’ voting is available, divided into two categories – Polish and foreign. The Polish category will include books written by Polish authors, and in the foreign category – translations of books originally published outside our country.

In each category, readers will be able to cast one vote. Nominated for this vote by the editors, the titles are characterized by the highest substantive, graphic and technical quality as well as high popularity among readers in the past calendar year. I therefore encourage you to invite your recipients to cast votes through this platform.

Especially for readers who want to share their choices with us, we have prepared a #sportsaksiazkaroku hashtag under which they can share with Twitter users what books have gained recognition in their eyes.

Voting takes place on 01-31.01.2019. The results of the poll will be published on February 15, 2019.

Voting is open and available here – I would be deeply grateful and appreciative if you would take the time to click on this link, find the Jimmy Murphy book and click “Glosuj”.

No sign up or registration is required and every vote will go a long way.

Thank you!

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